Change Of Idea

I feel like all i’ve done this year is change my idea. It’s fair to say this late on in the year i’m getting very stressed about it as well. This idea was down to my one of my tutors after a tutorial with him as he said that my other photographs just look like ‘the shy photographer’ or ‘lonely men’. Where I do agree with him and wanted people to be interested in my work and to be proud to show it off which i’m not quite getting at this stage.

SO for this new project it is inspired by ‘Humans of New York’ as I will be doing ‘Humans of Liverpool.’ This will be tricky for me as I found it hard in the last project to get face on photographs never mind asking someone questions as well.. But I might as well give it a try and as it is coming nearer to the end of our working weeks I need to get started asap.


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