Discursive Documents

On the Monday morning, we went off to look at the exhibition that our tutor Liam had curated and one of our other tutors Richard was apart of. We have seen Richard’s work in the past as to what he had shown us that he was in middle of producing, but seeing it hanging up on a wall in an exhibition is always exciting and a very special moment for an artist.


The exhibition was put up for the 16th February but I unfortunately couldn’t make it so I was very disappointed thinking i’d missed the chance to see the work, so when we got to go as a class I was very excited and couldn’t wait to see what it looked like.


Richard briefly spoke about his work and his reasoning for hanging it up he way he had leaving a blank wall, it really made us think about our final exhibition and how we wanted to put our work up. It was a very insightful experience and it’s always good to have a look at the work your own tutors have been working on alongside working full time to help you with your own.



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