First Shoot

Since I am going to start shooting areas of Liverpool that people may not know about I just walked around the side streets of the city centre as well as a bit further out from town.

I saw mostly artwork that caught my attention straight away, people from Liverpool can be very creative and every building seemed to have so many colours and different painted onto them.



Tutor Feedback & Location Ideas

After showing my tutor my photographs from the last blog post, he suggested that instead of taking photographs of the usual traditional landmarks to go out and take photographs of places that only people who live in the city will know about.

This really got me thinking and so when I left the tutorial, went off to speak to some friends to see what they had in mind.

‘Side Streets off Hope Street’

Carpathia Rooft Top Bar

Williamson Tunnels

Old courts – near museums

Kazimier Gardens

Grand Central


City Landmarks

After looking through ‘Humans of London’ & ‘Humans of New York’ books I saw that they didn’t just photograph people but also parts of the city. So I took that on board and went around photographing the major landmarks that Liverpool is most famous for; Cathedrals, Royal Liver building, Purple & Blue bins.


I took these selection of images from the top of the Radio City Tower.



Change Of Idea

I feel like all i’ve done this year is change my idea. It’s fair to say this late on in the year i’m getting very stressed about it as well. This idea was down to my one of my tutors after a tutorial with him as he said that my other photographs just look like ‘the shy photographer’ or ‘lonely men’. Where I do agree with him and wanted people to be interested in my work and to be proud to show it off which i’m not quite getting at this stage.

SO for this new project it is inspired by ‘Humans of New York’ as I will be doing ‘Humans of Liverpool.’ This will be tricky for me as I found it hard in the last project to get face on photographs never mind asking someone questions as well.. But I might as well give it a try and as it is coming nearer to the end of our working weeks I need to get started asap.

One To One With Danny Treacy

After the talk with Danny, I also got the chance to show him my work that I am currently producing and hear his feedback. Danny didn’t seem to have much to say about my work but told me to continue with what i’m doing and like my other tutor said to go with the ‘common’ waiting, where you don’t know what they’re waiting for. Rather than waiting for transport, or on their phones.  I also need to start getting front on of people rather than behind or the side.


Guest Speaker | Danny Treacy

On the Monday Danny came in to speak to us about his work, his practice is mostly around abandoned buildings. Danny lives in Brighton and he would be given the opportunity to go and have a look around abandoned houses at the time, using a medium format camera and focusing on composition and colour.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 21.43.14

Danny decided to put clothes on that would be in the wardrobes, he said it felt like an instinct. This is where he started using large format camera on a tripod. Even though he found all different type of clothing, he would do the same pose and described the photos as ‘flatlay scanner.’



This was such a different piece of work that I have never seen before, but I found it fascinating and he was definitely enthusiastic and proud of what he does too. It would’ve been good for him to come in when I was focusing on my abandoned project to give me some inspiration.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 21.42.28


Formative Assignment

On the Friday, we had a formative hand in I wasn’t too worried about this seeing as it wasn’t getting marked it was just to let our tutors know where we’re up to and whether we’re on the right track and doing well with our work.

I actually enjoy handing work in as I look forward to the feedback, good or bad it is always helpful to hear someone else’s perceptive on your work and how you can improve on it to get the best possible grade.

Discursive Documents

On the Monday morning, we went off to look at the exhibition that our tutor Liam had curated and one of our other tutors Richard was apart of. We have seen Richard’s work in the past as to what he had shown us that he was in middle of producing, but seeing it hanging up on a wall in an exhibition is always exciting and a very special moment for an artist.


The exhibition was put up for the 16th February but I unfortunately couldn’t make it so I was very disappointed thinking i’d missed the chance to see the work, so when we got to go as a class I was very excited and couldn’t wait to see what it looked like.


Richard briefly spoke about his work and his reasoning for hanging it up he way he had leaving a blank wall, it really made us think about our final exhibition and how we wanted to put our work up. It was a very insightful experience and it’s always good to have a look at the work your own tutors have been working on alongside working full time to help you with your own.