Jack Latham | Guest Lecture

On the Tuesday Morning we had a Skype call from Jack who is based in Brighton. Jack was really down to earth and felt that we could all relate to him when he was talking about just drinking and partying first few years of university, before properly setting down and concentrating on his photography work.

Jack is a commercial photographer who graduated from Newport University. Jack is mostly interested in large format film photography, and later went on to produce ‘Sugar Paper Theories’ and ‘Pink Flamingos’.


Pink flamingo was based around American’s and what is it that they do? For this project, Jack stayed in America for one month in 2012 to photograph the domestic version of America. Jack would photograph twice every year for this until his book got published in 2015.

When Jack first moved to Brighton he just had a simple office job, until he started to bank roll for pink flamingo. Whilst he was in America he would buy some scratch cards from shop, whether he won any money would mean he could sleep in Motel for night.. if not then he would sleep in his car.

The thing that I mostly appreciate from Jack is that he wouldn’t just take a photo and leave asap, instead he would stay for a while taking photographs it shows how immersed he was within the subject matter.


The Pink Flamingo book was self hosted whereas the Sugar Paper Theories was published by ‘Here Press’. Jack also revealed to us that he has a new book coming out in three months which is also to be published by Here press.

I found this chat very insightful and full of information especially as I would like to get photo books published in the future, he also gave us some motivation as to that photography is a sprint not a marathon.




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