Sophie Lee | Guest Lecture

Sophie specialises in Narrative which are occurring scenes. In these narrative scenes, Sophie would photograph film and performance sets of people their places identities.


From when Sophie graduated she has worked at many places in many countries. Sophie would also work for artist residencies which is where you can work at galleries, that are artist run. Sophie gave us some insight into the work we can go onto doing after we graduate after, whether it be develop work in a creative community, collaborate with other artists as you have more freedom to play around with type of work you aim to produce.

Sophie went off to Finland to work in Arteles creative centre, she also went to Iceland to work in Sim for artists for the community. In each of these she was able to have her own studio to work in to better create her work in her own space.



At the end of her presentation she gave us a list of websites that we can look into in our own time that may be suitable for what we want: – Mark Devereux Projects

I found her talk most interesting and gave a great insight into what we could achieve when finishing university. Sophie was very open and honest about all of her work, saying that we weren’t to get work straight away but it takes minimum 3 years to get noticed and start producing work.





Fresh Start To 2017

After having a break from university for the Christmas holiday’s it’s time to start getting back into photography mode. After having a de-brief about what is happening for the next few weeks it all seemed very daunting, I mean.. this is our last term?! Fair to say i’m TERRIFIED I can’t wait to finish university, but part of me wants to stay as I still don’t feel ready to leave especially when I know how fast its going to fly by.

Our tutors also told us about the guest lectures we will be having to come in and speak to us of how they’re doing since finishing university so this will be really exciting and helpful.


Dissertation Hand-in

I can finally say that my dissertation has been handed in!!! It was probably one of the most stressful times of the course, but at least now I can just put my whole concentration onto my major project and get on with some shoots. The next few months are going to fly by and I need to make the most of them.

Third Shoot

For this shoot, I decided to change my idea around a little bit by just focusing on people primarily waiting around for food. I didn’t want to be taking portraits of people for this, just getting the shot there and then in the moment especially as at some points you have to be quick depending on where the moment was.