Change of Idea

Over the last few months, I have had a change of heart towards my ‘abandoned objects’ project. I can’t help the feeling that it is too repetitive and seems boring to the viewers eye and if I find it boring, then I won’t be able to enjoy going out and photographing it. What I need is to throughly enjoy something that I can put my all into and concentrate getting the best photos I can produce, in order to gain the best marks from it and feel proud to show to family and friends.

Since talking to my tutor, I have come up with a fresh idea which runs off my project from last year ‘Northern Dreamers’. This was a selection of photographs of commuters sleeping on trains, to change this up and expand it I have decided to take photographs of commuters waiting for the bus and trains. Feedback from peers and seminars I have learnt that to get the best photographs, it would help if I were to go to London as it’s a lot busier at peak times.


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