Second Shoot

For this second shoot, I primarily focused around people waiting for trains. I have once read on my research about street photography that you should just wait in one area and wait for people to come, you feel more comfortable doing this as well like it feels as if they’re intruding your space once you have been there a while. So I went around a few train stations and just waited myself for other people waiting for trains.


Tom Woods

Since my feedback was about getting portraits, I started looking into Tom Woods work. Tom is known for his photographs that he had taken in Liverpool from 1978-2011. He would capture people on the streets; in pubs, clubs, markets, workplaces, parks and football grounds. His approach would be of photographing people up close and personal.

This is the sort of style of photography that I am hoping to get across in my own work. Asking people for portraits of them or even just photographing them from a far is daunting but it will make for good work, and that’s the most important part.


Second Interm Exhibition | 14.12.16

This is our second interim exhibition where we get to hang up as many photographs we would like to, in any style to practice how we would like it to be for our final exhibition in June. This is the first time i’m showing fresh work since I changed my idea at beginning of month, I also broadened my initial idea to make it a lot more to photograph. So, instead of just taking photos of commuters I am photographing people themselves, waiting for something whether it still be for transport or just outside of a shop waiting for someone.

At the morning of the Interim show, me and my friends went into university to where the photos would be hung up to gather all of the equipment to put it up together. We did it fairly fast and were done within an hour or two after getting all of our photos put up. I chose two of my favourite photos and they both show someone waiting for something different which is what I want my work to show. I printed my photos A2 on semi-gloss, I chose this layout as the bigger prints are more eye-catching and show the full quality, for the first interim I did the matte print and just wanted to experiment more on what print quality I prefer.


Next to our photographs, we had to write a short analogue on what our work was about with a title, I named it ‘Press Pause’ but I might still change it if I think of something better. My work layout seemed professional in my opinion, but for the end of year exhibition I am looking more towards a book and two or three prints hung up.

‘This project is based around street documentary. I want to look at how many people stand around waiting for things, whether it be for transport or just waiting outside for someone. The project is quite broad and I want to show that it’s not all around one certain theme of waiting but a number of ways that people can be seen waiting for something. I want to show shallow depth of field within my images where the background of my images is to be out of focus, whilst the person to be fully in focus. This shows how everything going on around them is still happening, but they’re paused within their present moment. I would also like to feature some portraits within my work as well, and speak to that person about what it is they’re waiting for and write about it next to their portrait.’





Presentation Feedback

For our presentations this time, instead of having to present to the whole class we got put into smaller groups which was much more calming and less stress. I again, got some helpful feedback from my peers mostly being that I should go photographing in London if I wanted more of the ‘commuter feel’ as it’ll be busier.

I also got given advice to look into photographing in waiting rooms or taking portraits instead of shooting at train stations from afar.

First Shoot

Since I changed my idea I wanted to get into shooting straight away so that I was back on track and had images to show for my next lesson where I was again due to present new work.

For these images, I went walking around the town trying to capture people just casually ‘waiting’ whether it be at the train station, traffic lights or waiting outside of the shop.

Change of Idea

Over the last few months, I have had a change of heart towards my ‘abandoned objects’ project. I can’t help the feeling that it is too repetitive and seems boring to the viewers eye and if I find it boring, then I won’t be able to enjoy going out and photographing it. What I need is to throughly enjoy something that I can put my all into and concentrate getting the best photos I can produce, in order to gain the best marks from it and feel proud to show to family and friends.

Since talking to my tutor, I have come up with a fresh idea which runs off my project from last year ‘Northern Dreamers’. This was a selection of photographs of commuters sleeping on trains, to change this up and expand it I have decided to take photographs of commuters waiting for the bus and trains. Feedback from peers and seminars I have learnt that to get the best photographs, it would help if I were to go to London as it’s a lot busier at peak times.