First Interim Exhibition | 12.10.16

On the 12th October, we got the chance to set up our first exhibition of the year. Each student had to print off one photograph they had taken for their final major project, in A3 and pin it into the wall that our tutors had purchased for our exhibition to give it the ‘professional feel’.

I find exhibitions really exciting and a great experience for our course. I personally love seeing my photo’s having up for everyone to see even if it was just in our university, it’s nice to think that first and second years can walk by and have a look at what is to come for them. I also enjoy looking at my peers work and seeing what they’re working on and how there idea progresses throughout the year.


So on the 11th October we started hanging our work up on these boards, you will see these kind of boards at actual exhibitions which was really exciting and made our work feel important. Our work was situated in alphabetical order, with our name under them so you could see who’s work was what and you could also some contact information on your name if you wanted to gain some contacts.


This is my photograph hanging on the board ready for the exhibition the next day. I felt proud of how it looked and I especially liked the look of the boarder, it might’ve been bigger than I had intended but I still felt it fitted well. I chose this certain photograph as I think it showed well what my project idea was about.

At this moment I felt rather proud of myself for having a photo hanging up on this board, I know it was only in University but it was a chance for my photo to be seen by everyone walking past. It was also for first and second years getting a chance to go and see what work we were doing, and for them to have a little taste and what was to come for them as well as maybe some inspiration.

The exhibition was also a good chance to get to speak to all of our course mates who we might not have spoken to before and see everyones work that they have taken over the summer. It’ll be interesting to see what everyones work will look like on the next exhibitions and see how they have progressed throughout the months.


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